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about lazyazian

This site is a place for me to share my thoughts on this crazy space we call the crypto industry.

lazyazian is obviously an alias to stay anonymous. What I will say about myself is I have a technology and media background, always looking for synergies between the two. I’ve been a voracious reader and student of blockchain technologies and projects. I am an active trader and investor in the space, utilizing fundamental and technical analysis when looking for opportunities.

I’ll discuss news, projects, my holdings, strategies and anything else I feel like talking about at the time.

Anything here is not financial advice and only my personal thoughts, so I can come back to it and think “nice, glad that worked out” or “what the heck was I thinking?!”

Feel free to reach out to start a dialogue to share thoughts about this crazy space.




My thoughts on the crypto space.  Anything here is not financial advice. Always DYOR!

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