Bitcoin is Now. Bitcoin is the Future.

People focus on the Bitcoin price, but there’s so much more to this fast-moving industry.

I entered the crypto space in 2015 and watched it take the tech industry by storm.

I hope I can share my passion through my words here on a variety of topics:

and more …

I have a series of foundational guides that I’m continuing to add to, so check them out!

about me

I set my own path and am my own boss. I work on what I’m passionate about.

I created this blog to share my passions. I hope to help others on their own journey.

I invest in traditional and alternative assets for long term gains.

I buy and sell traditional and alternative assets for short term gains.


What is a Stablecoin?

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency with the benefits of decentralization and security, but also the stability of fiat currencies like the US dollar.

bitcoin mining

Cloud Mining Bitcoin with Bitdeer

*This is not a sponsored review. It is simply my personal experience cloud mining bitcoin with BitDeer and maybe this will help people if they’re trying to decide whether or not they’d want to mine Bitcoin with a provider like BitDeer. UPDATE: This was also written in January 2019 on, so some information will be outdated as Bitcoin’s hashrate…

Bitcoin 101 - What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin 101 – What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? Are you thinking about investing in Bitcoin or looking for reliable answers on if Bitcoin is safe, real, or even legal? This is Bitcoin 101 …