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Who doesn’t love another Top List of Coins? Here’s my version for this bear market.

The seemingly never-ending bear market brought many of the overvalued projects back down to earth. As the bear market continues, some investors begin to get scared, while other investors begin to salivate more. Bear markets are what separate the boys from the men, or girls from the women, or whatever pronouns you want to use here. I can’t say I’ve made money in this bear market, because I haven’t. Am I glad we’re in a bear market? Yes. The bears have cut out much of the noise in the crypto industry. No longer are people chasing after any Joe Schmo project that says “ICO.” The bad eggs are getting weeded out. The ones who’re just in for the quick scam or the quick money maker are gone or leaving.

I’ve always felt that 85-90% of the “crypto” projects will be gone in 5 years now. But with that exodus, there’ll be some great projects that’ll be around for many more years to come. It’s not to say that every project I list here will be here in 5 years, but these are the projects under $20m market cap that I think are undervalued at the moment. I’m not in all of them, but these are all the ones I’ve been looking into recently as ones that’ll still be around if this bear market was to ever end.

These are ordered in highest market cap to lowest market cap. The market caps are grabbed on January 22, 2019 from Binance Info. I’ve found Binance offered more accurate circulating supplies in coins I’ve followed. If Binance doesn’t have info on the coin, I’ll use CoinMarketCap’s info, signified with CMC. Risk could increase as the market cap lowers, but there’s no direct correlation in my eye, especially with the volatility of the crypto markets. Risk should be assessed by the individual. Always DYOR —

  • QNT Quant, $19.1m CMC – Focusing on interoperability and allowing enterprises to utilize blockchain technology with “only 3 lines of code. Overledger is already connected to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Hyperledger network, JP Quorom and IOTA.” Publishing tokenomics end of Jan. 2019.
  • TOMO TomoChain, $15.3m – Mainnet and masternodes are now live.
  • *GO GoChain, $14.1m – Upgradeable smart contracts. Super fast in my transactions. They need a big marketing push now to get more enterprises onboard and utilizing the chain.
  • MFT Mainframe, $13.9m – Initial platform release in private alpha in Q1 2019.
  • MAN Matrix AI Network, $12.0m – Mainnet delayed to Feb. 2019. Exclusive blockchain provider for One Belt One Road initiative. Mining and Verification nodes starting Jan. 2019 to select community members.
  • *REN Republic Protocol, $12.3m – Darknodes launched Jan. 2019. An updated roadmap coming Q1 2019. 3rd party Darkpols by the end of Q2 should get more rewards for darknodes.
  • *OWN Own, $8.8m CMC – Mainnet Q1 2019. FAST Platform 2.0 launched end of Jan. 2019. 326+ companies onboard.
  • SWM SwarmFund, $8.6m – Mainnet and masternodes launched. SRC20 is blockchain agnostic, Ethereum first, then Stellar’s network.
  • TRAC OriginTrail, $5.7m – Mainnet launched in Dec. 2019, now it needs to get going with getting enterprises onboard.
  • DERO Dero, $3.9m – Smart contracts just released, along with the Dero Virtual Machine testnet.
  • *AURA Aurora DAO, $3.7m CMC – Nodes just went live. Needs more exchange volume. The combination of the bear market and ex-ERC20 tokens launching their own mainnets has led to less Idex volume.
  • SWTH Switcheo, $3.1m – Has ETH, NEO and stable coin pairings. Like Idex, needs more volume.
  • ELEC Electrify.Asia, $1.6m – Q2 2019 Launch of Synergy and Marketplace 2.0.
  • PIRL Pirl, $1.1m – Blockchain platform with multitiered-masternodes – Premium, Content, and Storage masternodes. Provides decentralized storage and content options. Also created PirlGuard in response to a 51% attack that other projects are implementing as well.
  • *MCM Mochimo, TBD Cap – This is OTC-only at the moment, but they are working on an exchange. Mainnet is launched.

Coins with an * are ones I currently hold. I’ve held each one of these coins at one point or another, whether as an investment or trade. I’ll be looking to get back into one or more of the other coins, especially ones offering passive income as I ride out the bear market.

Remember to always do your own research. See what you think about the projects and whether or not you feel they’re undervalued.