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This is my first post on the site here. Still trying to figure out what this will eventually become, but I’d rather that come out organically, rather than forced. I don’t really want to call it a ‘blog’, but that’s probably the closest to what it is. I tried to blog back in the days, but kept getting derailed. My current plan for this site is to post my thoughts on projects, industry, investments, trades, and anything else really. Maybe I’ll write some tutorials for those newer to crypto. Everyone was new at some point and I know I looked up (and still do) tutorials, especially when I started setting up masternodes and miners. 

I also did a 0.1 BTC to 10 BTC Challenge that I had gotten to almost 3x, but that eventually went to crap with the rest of the markets. I took a lot of stupid risks, especially at the end of it trying to get back to 3x, and that lost me BTC very quickly. I tried to write as much as I could back then for challenge portfolio updates on Steemit, but it got to be a pain due to markdown coding. WordPress is easier with WYSIWYG, while still having the ability to customize code and design. I’ll try and figure out how to import those Steemit posts here eventually, just to have it all in one place. 

Kicking things off here, I’ll share what I’m holding. It seems that people always like to see the holdings of others. Whenever I share what I’m holding on Twitter, those tweets usually get the most engagements.  

When buying/selling coins, I put them into one of two categories:

  • Trade – Short term buy/sells to accumulate more BTC
  • Hodl – Coins for the long term. Ones I plan to hold for years to come, because I believe in the project

For the purposes of this first post though, I’ll only go through the HODL coins. In this volatile, bear market, any trades are usually in-and-out, never more than a couple days usually. The whales are constantly swinging coins up and down hunting for stops to liquidate your positions. If you’re hodling, any swings now won’t matter in 2, 3, 5 years. What matters now is finding those great projects and teams you believe in. 

For now, these are those great projects (in my eyes) and teams that I believe in and hold (in alphabetical order):

  • AURA – Aurora DAO
  • BTC – Bitcoin
  • DRGN – Dragonchain
  • ELA – Elastos
  • ETH – Ethereum
  • GO – GoChain
  • ICX – Icon
  • IOEX (Pre-sale) – ioeX
  • MCM – Mochimo
  • NPXS – Pundi X
  • POLY – Polymath
  • REN – Republic Protocol 

Most of these coins offer some sort of passive income through running a node, staking, or sidechain airdrops. That’s not the main reason I’m holding certain coins, but the passive income is always a plus. 

I’m currently running two nodes with AURA and REN. They both just started their node programs in early January 2019, so it’s yet to be seen what kind of ROI nodes will receive. The deciding factors will be the volume on the AURA’s Idex exchange and REN’s own dex and/or 3rd party dark pools utilizing the Republic protocol. I’m also staking DRGN for the Dragon Days of Slumber Score (DDSS), which will give priority benefits down the road, including the potential to ‘rent’ out the DDSS to enterprises. 

I also delved into the mining world for the first time ever, spec mining no less, with MCM Mochimo, a quantum proof crypto currency that’s ahead of many quantum-proof coins, because they’ve actually completed what they said they would. MCM’s mainnet has already been up and running for six months now. It’s not on any exchanges at the moment, but the plan is Q1 2019. At this point, it depends on the US government and how long the government are on ‘break’ for. They have been doing things right with legal and making sure they are on the up and up with the SEC. Check out the Mochimo Discord to get involved with the community, one of the best ones I’ve come across yet for any project. 

I’ll most likely go into more depth with each of these projects in due time. While I’m currently saying these are hodl coins, I’m also willing to sell them if there were substantial changes in team, roadmap, products/services – changes that’d flip the script of why I originally liked about the project. Can’t be too emotionally attached to any coin and hodling to 0.